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We Believe that YOU the customer, deserve to be included every step of the way in web site design, layout and implementation!

Web site design involves more than computer software that builds and uploads HTML to the internet. It requires a combination of graphic and web site design skills for the best presentation to be successful.

At GEMEFX WEBEFX we use a seven step web site design process thats designed to include you as the business owner & operator in every step of the design process! Our purpose is to design a clean, fresh and professional web site that not only loads quickly on the surfers computer but also has easy navigation and purposeful content.

Initial consultation is FREE!
During the initial consultation we will visit and photograph (if necessary & depending on distance) your brick and mortar business site to determine the depth of your web design and graphic needs, gather facts, graphics and text for content and discuss your business's best presentation for the WEB. At this time we will be able to give you a rough estimate of cost as determined by the number of pages needed, the depth of content and best presentation method. Your business project budget can be discussed at this time so we can tailor the web site to your budget.

Formal Consultation!
At the Formal Consultation a presentation of your new web sites design with a prospective site map and formal estimate will be given.

Layout and Design!
Will be done at our offices on the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula near Ocean City Maryland. Graphics production, all HTML, DHTML, JAVA and JScripting code is written, organized and proofed by our staff. A presentation pamphlet of the web site design with a web site map will be produced for final presentation to you or your staff.

Initial Site Testing! - Beta Test 1.
Once the site is initially designed and the code written it will be beta tested with our staff here at GEMEFX!

Initial Site Testing! - Beta Test 2.
A secondary Beta test will take place at your business location to allow you and your staff to preview the content and suggest any changes that might be made. Interactivity of you and your business associates is encouraged. No one knows your business like you and your employees!

Site Implementation!
Depending on your web site design needs, your site can be implemented in your FTP or server space or if you do not have FTP space we can arrange for space for your site. Sites of 20 megs or less are still avaiable for FREE. This is usually more than enough space for a small business depending on the number of graphics or graphic size. A final web site design test "live" and on the Internet is completed at this time to insure functionality.

Site Maintenance!
Some businesses will not require web site maintenance. Simple presentation of their business or service is enough. Others may need continued updating to reflect marketing and promotional concerns. Site maintenance plans can be drawn up depending on how much content would need to be updated as well as the frequency and method of the updates. For more on web site maintenance click here.

All about search engine placement! Search Engine Optimization! If they can't find you - you have no business! Keywords, Phrases and Description for search engines? Not enough can be said about Keywords and Search Engine Optimization! We know that 46% of all referrals come from search engines. GEMEFX Creates <META> tags on your sites web pages that are "optimized" to give your web site the best possible ranking on the top 20 search engines. We monitor, using multi-threading technology, the top 20 search engines to see what words web surfers are using real time - as they use them. Then we can carefully isolate the search words and phrases that pertain to your particular business or products. In addition, we also continually research the top 20 search engines methodology for ranking and classifying web sites. Each search engine works differently and is constantly changing. We recommend a search engine management package for each site we design. Your search engine rankings can be tracked and adjustments can be made to improve your rankings.

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